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R. K. Industries which owns the KENDUL brand,

We began our journey in 1989 as a small company with high aspirations.

Since then, we have based and built every aspect of our business on principles of quality,

 trustworthiness and a relentless attention to every detail. 


Today, in our 28th year of existence, we continue to work with passion and devotion,

now based out of our world-class 13000-square-meter manufacturing plant and serving.


RKI has represented a large variety of global and prestigious brands in India.

Today, RKI is the proud home to one of the most prestigious healthcare brands in INDIA

and around the globe  with its KENDUL brand and carries more high-technology products

in its portfolio than ever.


Over at RKI, leadership in the community has always been of great importance to the corporate culture.

Over the years, we have introduced numerous concepts to the INDIAN healthcare industry

that have since become gold standards that our customers have come to expect.


We proudly present the latest generation of our exquisitely manufactured

hospital beds, stretchers, transfer trolley, medicine trolley and other supporting hospital equipment.

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