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We invite you to a completely revolutionized new products of hospitals nursing homes and clinics The era of having it all. Uncompromising design, unrelenting engineering and maximum functionality. We are thrilled and proud to present a complete, elegant and superior solution for hospital rooms.


At Kendul Health Projects we’ve been supplying high-quality furniture and equipment to hospitals,

clinics and care facilities since 1989 

based on our own distribution and customer service network .



The only thing that does not change is change itself.
Design and fashion have evolved for almost every kind of product line over the years, including cars, home appliances, furniture and clothing. Yet the pace of change for
hospital equipment has fallen behind when compared to these other groups of products. Companies have long blamed the prime need for patient safety for not being able
to evolve their designs in order to offer better and more attractive models while keeping patient safety to the same rigorous standards.
Should that be the end of the story? We do not think so.
KENDUL exists to bring together design and functionality into products that are beautiful, reliable, pragmatic and proud additions for
modern healthcare institutions.



The performance of hospital equipment is absolutely crucial. It can even be vital in certain urgent conditions. As such, engineering must be excellent to offer problem-free
usage, all the time and for a long time. Even more, the products should ease the burden of caregivers and their assistants, which can only be possible with top performance
levels on the product. For this reason, we invest continuously in manufacturing and engineering to improve the performance our products to the highest level. As bonus,
offering smart functionality lets us remove many degrees of safety risks across our products.

The Core of KENDUL


Everything starts with “self-awareness”.

Here are the core values behind every KENDUL decision and action:



Operating in the health-care industry puts serious responsibility on the shoulders of “robust” hospital equipment manufacturers, as any flaws or safety gaps in the product have
the potential to cause irreversible damage to the patient. Whatever we develop, add, remove or improve on our products, the first question we ask is: “How would it affect
safety?” All our products embody the concept of patient safety at their very hearts.

Simplicity in Design


We are aware that design is not only a matter of appearance of the final product, but also it affects our ability of offering user friendly and functional products while maintaining
cost and time effective manufacturing. Design is the single most influential driver for KENDUL during the new product development process.



Hospital equipment like beds, stretchers, couches, transfer trolley, etc. are purchased for the long run. Taking all the harsh utilization conditions into account, each component
of the product, be it bulky or tiny, must be of highest quality in order to provide the durability our customers have come to expect of us: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Success Stories

Our fresh and design-centered approach to healthcare equipment has redefined what is possible in our industry at the intersection of functionality, reliability, durability and beauty. Each of our products reflects our focus on four fundamental design principles: simplicity, user friendliness, a contemporary feel and creativity. When combined, these attributes and principles create a palpable feeling of high, heart-warming quality production. Validated through numerous internationally renowned design and safety awards, our vision has always been to bring these elements to every aspect of a complete and extraordinary patient-caregiver experience. Yet the most prestigious recognition, one we hold most dear, comes directly from our valued customers who use our products every day. We take our greatest validation from seeing our products put to intensive use in hospitals ,Clinics Nursing Home and observing that they robustly rise to the challenge while maintaining outstanding reliability, esthetics and functionality year over year. Esthetics, functionality, reliability and durability all have their roots firmly planted in technology. As many aspects of manufacturing and engineering technology evolve at the speed of light, any manufacturer not willing to try its hardest to keep up is destined to miss the possibilities and expectations of today’s modern, global markets. At KENDUL , we continue to devote an extraordinary amount of energy and resources to ensuring that our products take advantage of the best technology available in every step. This is what makes each and every KENDUL product, from its design to its production, a timeless embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship.
In the following pages, we aim to walk you through our latest and greatest collection of products, each ready to become an integral part of a flawless patient experience. Our attention to detail in every aspect of the experience will ensure that your patients can recuperate in an exceptionally pleasant environment that is reminiscent of the
comfort of their homes. Meanwhile, your staff will appreciate the helping hand and the reliability of a good design. Even in the most demanding conditions, KENDUL products always deliver top performance; this is our highest quality and safety pledge to our customers. Each member of our KENDUL family represents a unique expertise whose influence can be seen and felt in all the products we manufacture; I am certain you will feel the difference. 



  • S. K. Thakur


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